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Floral International and Wholesale-Flowers.net, Colombian wholesalers and fresh cut flower distributors, supply the highest quality, most vibrant colored, wholesale carnations in the world. We know that the longer the flowers last, the happier both you, our clients, and your customers will be. To insure the longest shelf-life, follow the advice we provide. As carnation exporters, we want to make sure your customers keep returning for these fresh cut Colombian and Ecuadorian flowers. Make sure you share this advice with your customers.


Bullet Fower Shop Care
Upack the flowers right away.
Bullet If you can't unpack the flowers, make sure they are not in any place where they will get too warm. Keep them cool.
Bullet Don't invert the stems to line up the flower heads and bounce them on a flat surface.
Bullet Don't smash the stems -- recut them with a sharp knife or shears.
Bullet If the carnations have been treated with silver thiosulfate, don't retreat them.
Bullet Place the carnations in a preservative solution that contains 2% sugar and germicide. Or place them in a solution consisting of of 3% sucrose and 50 ppm silver nitrate.
Bullet Refrigerate and keep flowers in a cold room -- 40 degrees F (5 degrees centigrade).
Bud Opening
Bullet Place the carnation buds in a solution of 7% sucrose and germicide.
Bullet Keep the carnations in a controlled environment of light and humidity. They should be in 100 - 150 fc (1 to 2 klux) of light and 50 - 70% relative humidity.


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Carnations Consumer Care
Bullet Recut the stems and remove leaves that will be in the water (below the solution level).
Bullet Put the flowers in a vase of clean water and floral preservative.
Bullet Keep a neutral environment avoiding extreme temperatures.




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